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for Wedding & Portrait Photographer searching for YOU

YOU the WORKSHOP will start in:

YOU the Workshop is created to help YOU find your personal business goals and to make your business stand out because of YOU. This is what matters most.

This two-day workshop will put an emphasis on teaching, learning and creating beauty to help you to find your own perfection in your photography.

find yourself, your inner goals with YOU the Workshop


it is not easy to be you, but always worth it!

find your own way, be unique and be YOU

Fabijan Vuksic


George Liopetas



The Why Behind The Workshop

"If you like unconventional, honest, raw and real conversations about work and life, plus a workshop answering all your questions, then we are your workshop! YOU is created all around your needs, questions and your individual difficulties. We are two open books, with over two decades of knowledge that will help you grow!"

George Liopetas

Fabijan Vuksic

The Founders

Photographer, Art-Director
Founder of YOU

Photographer, Art-Director

Founder of YOU

Fabijan is known for his natural, authentic and intimate image style for extraordinary events. He is in the industry for over a decade and captures weddings and editorials in Europe. The most important thing in his photography is to actively create and capture real moments that stand the test of time and will be cherished by his clients for ever.

George creates a natural, well-lighted ‘home’ for adventurous hearts. He has been documenting weddings for uncountable years with a contagious energy, creative passion and a simple philosophy - to travel across the globe, encourage openness and craft uncompromisingly beautiful images for brides and grooms.




is a two-day Workshop that will take place in beautiful and ever so inspiring Athens, Greece.

Day one we will dive into an educational workshop with speeches and speakers that will talk about their profession. We cover topics starting from the YOU in your business, Film Photography and seeing light right, Flatlay styling, how to publish your work, working with wedding vendors, business task in general and many more helpful tips to make your brand shine.

Day two will be the shooting day, in a beautiful, historic villa garden that combine greek visuals, history and eternal spirits.

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Price: €450,- excl. VAT/TAX

Location: Athens, Greece

The Speaker at YOU

George Liopetas, Photographer & Founder of YOU

As one of the main photographer in "YOU", George will talk about his favorite topic Film Photography and his vision on fine-art imagery. Since Marketing is more and more important, he will talk about the image of the photographer nowadays and how to get your work published.

Fabijan Vuksic, Photographer & Founder of YOU

As the other main photographer of "YOU", Fabijan will talk about his approach on how to be actively creating images you are looking for on a wedding day or editorial and the image of being a photographer today. Since Fabijan has a degree in business management, he will talk about quotation, money and how to sell and market yourself high-end.

Ioanna Karatza, Wedding Planner & Designer

When a background in finance and management could no longer satisfy my needs - the pretty, styling and design took over. Today, I count more than ten years in the wedding business and it is still the best choice I ever made. I use my knowledge, experience, negotiation skills and strong character to create a memorable wedding day for the couples that choose me.

Fanis Failadis, Image Editor

Fanis Failadis is a professional photo editor and founder of Being on the wedding industry as a photographer for years led him create his photo editing brand and we are lucky to have him with us, since editing is one of the most important tasks in our businesses.

‘We will have a discussion about Editing, Culling, Presets and everything else that may bothers you.’

Alexander Giannoulis, owner of Unico Albums

Alexander Giannoulis, owner of Unico Albums company, is a second generation photographer. Working on the album industry the last 12 years. He and his company design digital albums and any kind of photograph. We will talk about his approach and how we as photographer can sell albums and prints to our customers.

Diagoras Marios Vougas, IT & Business Development

Diagoras is an experienced Computer Engineer, specialized on creation of websites that help businesses attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. He is a photographer, too, who loves working with professionals combining his photography passion with digital

creativity on websites. We will have his opinion on websites and get to know his tips and tricks on his approach.

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YOU the WORKSHOP will start in:

What this workshop includes?

two-day workshop in Athens, Greece

This is just a small note on what we are planning for you:

1. We will talk about (film) photography and business in general, our vision on how to run a business, our gear, customer-care from start to finish, quotation and much more what a sustainable photography business needs these days

2. Wedding Planner view of photographers: how to work with a planner and what we can do, to make a planner's life easier

3. Editing: How to make your editing easier, be faster and deliver the best work possible

4. Websites, IT & Business Development: How to look good, when clients go on your website and how to sell

5. Album: How to sell albums and make more money

6. Editorial: How we approach an editorial, how we shoot and what we do to create great images that will fulfill your needs.

Fabijan & George are two young photographers, that combine over 20 years of experience in the industry and worked their way up to the top. They finally decided to teach and speak up on topics that are fundamental for a great photography business: YOU.

YOU is the most important part of any business! This workshop is dedicated to help other photographers finding their inner YOU and the reason why we get up, work and create art for our clients.

Both love to photography and share the same vision but work with a different approach on how to achieve their typical imagery and style. In this workshop they will talk about this but will put YOU first

Confidence & Business Boosting Experience

How’s the Process?



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Send us and email with all your information and book your seat and invest in your business growth. After you submitting the form, you will receive an email to proceed the payment. Once you are done, you are in and we are happy to have YOU!

Book your Stay

YOU is a two-day workshop that does not include your personal stay or any transportation. After your booking you should proceed with your personal bookings. If you have any question on how to go from a to b or need any recommendation, please let us know.


Send us YOUR Questions

This is a workshop, which is build around YOU. We want to answer your questions, help you individually and make your business the best ever. So please do not hesitate and send us your questions after your confirmed booking and we will discuss these on our educational day.



What's included in "YOU"?

Can you recommend "YOU" to videographers?

You book a two-day workshop in Athens, Greece. This includes small snacks and coffee on day one (the educational part) and the editorial on day two. You get six speaker, an editorial and so much knowledge in these days. Your own stay and transportation to the locations are not included but we will try to make sure we organize everything with you.

YES! We love to be inclusive. Since we believe that there are no limitations, we believe that we can learn so much from each other. We are photographers, but we share our vision and since the workshop is about YOU, we invite videographers to this workshop and we would love to have YOU!

What if I miss the date but have a confirmed booking?

What should I bring with me?

We are happy to save a spot for you on our future workshops. At this point we cannot refund the booking fee but feel free to sell your workshop ticket to another fellow photographer or videographer. Please let us know in advance and we try to help you on this.

A lot of your questions and your photography gear - that's for sure. This is what this workshop is all about! We want to help YOU in your photography business and need your specific questions, needs or even failure. We want to answer everything and help you with the power of the group. Please feel free to send us all of your questions, ideas or topics you would like to get more information on to - We are here for YOU!


Save your spot and join our community and get ready to network, meet new people, ask question and find YOU in your business.

We cannot wait to have YOU with us!